Cannabis Controversy


Several weeks back I was doing a little Saturday morning reading before leaving for the workshop I was teaching that morning.  I was looking at the FDA’s website for any current “drug” news related to the herbal products industry (FDA definition of a drug includes all the teas, tinctures, etc that I brew at home to help with my own health)*.  I saw a release from June (2018) about cannabis.  It was in no way related to my workshop but a glaring contradiction caught my attention. I noticed that in June the FDA approved a drug with the isolated cannabidiol compound for use in seizures, but Cannabis sativa (marijuana) is still listed as a Schedule I drug.  Huh?

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The Truth About DIY Laundry “Detergent”

A recent horrifically nasty discovery about DIY laundry soap prompted today’s soapbox – see what I did there 😉  I warn you – it’s gonna be long.  That said, if you have ever made or considered making – your own laundry detergent, please take the time to read this.  If at the end you disagree, rock on. I did my part and warned you.

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