HRB 690 Internship

HRB 690 is formally known as Internship. I chose to do 3 internships over 3 semesters, for a .5 credits each, rather than combine all the time into a one-semester internship. I was seeking out varied experiences and wanted to learn more about research, growing and cultivating plants, quality assurance, and several other topics.

I have written lengthy blog posts reflecting on these experiences and provided artifacts below.  There are technically 4 posts because I chose to continue one internship, without academic credit, last summer. I had already committed to a different internship but felt strongly that I should continue my work with microbial testing at MUIH.


HRB 690 MUIH Microbial Analysis Experiment Internship Part I

MUIH Microbial Analysis Experiment Internship Part II This is the portion that I did for no academic credit and thus, is not named HRB 690.

HRB 690 MUIH Microbial Analysis Experiment Internship Part III

U.S. National Arboretum Internship


The work contributed to a research poster in the 2018 MUIH Research Symposium. The remaining work was tentatively planned for a 2019 poster and publication, if possible.

Microbiology Testing Research Poster

There were several deliverables for this internship, however, the monographs can be viewed below. You will see a note at the top of each monograph. I believe that illustrating mistakes and room for improvement shows a commitment to lifelong learning, integrity, mindfulness, and professionalism.

Disclaimer: This monograph was created as a deliverable for my HRB 690 Internship with the National Arboretum. This monograph illustrates research, analysis, and writing skills. I was very proud of my work, however, I received feedback that I needed to use more rigorous academic sources as the basis for the monograph. I have chosen to include it here to illustrate the need for continual growth and improvement. As a result of that feedback, I developed a deeper understanding of the rigor and integrity involved in constructing an herbal monograph.

Basil Monograph

Lemon Balm Monograph

Rosemary Monograph

Author: thebotanicalengineer

Herbalist, aromatherapist, product designer, and plant scientist.

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