Artifacts & Reflections

The links below will take you to my artifacts and reflections from my coursework while pursing my Master of Science at Maryland University of Integrative Health.  These are not all certainly not all-inclusive, but provide insight into thee academic rigor, hands-on knowledge, and personal growth experienced at MUIH.

HRB 600 Foundations of Herbal Medicine

HRB 605 Materia Medica

HRB 622 Herbal Pharmacy and Product Presentation

HRB 635b Industry Immersion

HRB 641 Safety of Botanical Medicine

HRB 650 Professional Career Trajectory

HRB 790 E-Portfolio: Introduction

IHED 637 Principles and Practices

ISci 547a Physiology I: Healthy Function

ISci 631 Introduction to Complimentary and Integrative Health

ISci 701 Introduction to Statistics, Research Design, and Information Literacy