HRB 622 Herbal Pharmacy

Herbal Pharmacy is a fan favorite of all the herbies.

Hands-on course providing techniques for harvesting and drying herbs and incorporating them into herbal products and medicinal foods. Provides the basic theory and skills required to manufacture high-quality medicinal herb products for oral and topical application. Foundational principles of extraction, the properties of common solvents (e.g. water, alcohol and oils) and the solubility of various herbal constituents. Students create their own “kitchen pharmacy” preparations and learn how to evaluate the quality of the wide range of herbal products manufactured by the natural products industry.

I will be very honest here. I took this class twice. I made it all the way to the end of the first course, having learned so much about creating products, and then I ended up failing due to not requesting an incomplete when something came up. I do not hide this fact.  I have included artifacts from BOTH courses as I feel that they are demonstrative of mastery of the skills and illustrate what true growth and learning sometimes look like (some of us have to learn the hard way).  I suppose I am likely unique in that I have taken this course both in-person and online.

Round I: (In-person 2017)

This artifact is the documentation of two herbal products that I formulated and created to illustrate the skills I gained through HRB 622 Herbal Pharmacy.   The first product required time and planning as I created separate hydro-ethanol extractions for five different ingredients to create the final product. The product turned out very well and provided me with some great learning experiences.

The second product included in this artifact was the less successful of the two. I utilized skills I learned about topical infusions and essential oils to create a bath blend. While the aroma and therapeutic properties met with the intended expectation, I had not given any thought to pharmaceutical elegance.  Ultimately, I had a very nice product that could have been much better.  This endeavor illustrated that attention to detail is crucial in product design.

Product Presentation

Round II: (Online, 2018)


My skills evolved throughout my program. By the time I retook HRB 622, I had acquired additional skills and feel that my products showed improved discernment, quality assurance, and pharmaceutical elegance. For this presentation, I utilized a lesson learned in the first course to improve the consistency and overall finished look of the bath salts.  Additionally, I wildcrafted roses that I infused in glycerin that was used in the final products.

The products were a line of rose inspired personal products. These products would be considered luxury items as they included rosebuds, rose infusions, rose infused carrier oils, and/or rose (real!) essential oils. I wanted to create an advanced natural product so I made a lotion, which I pumped into lotion tubes. The slideshow below illustrates my process.


The final product was a line of rose inspired personal products. These products would be considered luxury items as they included rose buds, rose infusions, rose infused oils, or rose essential oils.

This artifact not only shows my understanding of herbal product creation, but illustrates an attention to detail in the creation of the graphics itself.  With more professional packaging and labels, I would proudly sell these products and use a similar brochure.

The Rose Line (trifold brochure)

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