HRB 605 Materia Medica

This course investigates approximately 30 of the most commonly used herbal medicines and related supplements in the United States. Each herb will be discussed from the ethnobotanical perspective as well as the modern phyto-therapeutic perspective, with a focus on pharmacological understanding and relevant clinical trials. Special emphasis will be placed on topics relevant to the contemporary clinician, including quality control, interactions, and other safety parameters of each herb covered. This course provides the student with the necessary skills to effectively research herbs not covered in the class.

This class quickly takes a deep dive into the very detailed world of each herb covered.  Over the duration of the course, we worked on a project where we had fictional patients that we had to treat.  As the course progressed and our understanding of the therapeutic actions of the herbs deepened, we reflected on our initial protocols and discussed lessons learned. This paper is an example of this work throughout the course.


Research Paper Part C